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all that his dramatic double bow might potentially moti
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On Monday, the New York Yankees traded closer Aroldis Chapman to the Chicago Cubs, giving a significant boost to a team already well-positioned for a deep playoff run. New York received three prospects, including highly touted infielder Gleyber Torres, and reacquired pitcher and former Yankees draft pick Adam Warren.As a lifelong Yankees fan, people have been asking me my thoughts on the trade, which can basically be summed up thusly: For a team that had three top relievers in Chapman, Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances, the Yankees sold high on Chapman, who is set to hit free agency at the end of this season, and in return got a top-15 prospect and a major league pitcher who threw quite well during his years in the Bronx.Most importantly, Im just glad that Ill once again be able to enjoy watching the ninth inning again.It pained me to watch my team trade for Chapman in December, when other teams had deemed him untouchable after reports surfaced of a domestic violence incident in which Chapmans girlfriend told police he choked her, pushed her into a wall and threatened her with gunshots fired in his garage. No arrests were made after more than a dozen officers appeared at Chapmans house and found his girlfriend hiding in the bushes.In addition to the uneasiness of having an apparently unhinged player in my teams clubhouse and on my teams field, it particularly didnt sit well with me that the main reason the Yankees managed to land an All-Star closer at the bargain-basement price of four unexciting prospects was because they were willing to look the other way from an act of violence.As I wrote at the time, the move was cynical and grossly opportunistic -- ESPNs Andrew Marchand likened it to the predatory nature of a foreclosure sale -- precluding me and many others from enjoying a win sealed by Chapman.That was quite startling for someone who grew up idolizing Mariano Rivera, for a fan base that became accustomed to the ninth inning as automatic, yet experienced the same level of excitement every time that cutter left No. 42s hand. With Chapman in for the save, many of us this season have simply been going through the motions, holding our breath and applause until the last out so we could cheer not for the pitcher who nailed it down, but for the team we still cant help but love despite ourselves. Rather than rising to our feet at the opening bars of Enter Sandman and gasping with every Rivera-induced broken bat, there was no joy in watching a Chapman save, no matter how hard he threw. A 105 mph pitch is exciting until you imagine that same physical force being used by an athlete against the mother of his child.So Im happy to see Chapman go, if only to reclaim my love of late-inning pitching. Thats why I sympathize with my colleague Sarah Spain, who wrote Tuesday about her own difficulties with Chapman potentially being a key component of her beloved Cubs World Series run. Now, I have to picture Chapman pitching the final out of the World Series, she wrote. Chapman on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Chapman, the lasting image of the victory. Chapman, the hero.That image is no big deal for some fans and writers content to settle on the conclusion that major league teams are in the business of winning, no matter what it takes (to quote USA Today MLB columnist Bob Nightengale) -- a notion completely belied by years of PED reform, anti-tampering rules, regulations against foreign substances tainting equipment, not to mention MLBs revamped domestic violence policy. The league itself has decided that whatever it takes isnt good enough after a certain point.To be sure, MLB did conduct its own investigation of Chapman under its new policy, suspending him for the first 30 games of the season.We can talk about whether that penalty was enough -- by comparison, the minimum suspension for a first-time PED user is 80 games -- and yes, relative severity matters in the message to both victims and offenders as to just what kind of infractions the league takes most seriously. With the understanding that MLB players have the strongest union and labor protections in all of sports (and thats a good thing), 30 games wasnt enough to delay Chapmans eligibility for free agency, setting him up for a huge payday after the 2016 season.MLBs domestic violence policy is more advanced than others in sports, and Chapman did serve his time. So heres where those win at all costs fans and commentators will bellow about second chances, admonishing those of us who dont think Chapman has quite yet earned that opportunity. If youre willing and able to accept Chapman as a Cub, thats your right as a fan, and your privilege as someone who has likely never been affected by violence against women. Many of these people are just as quick to dismiss the rest of us as reactionary torch-wielders who secretly hate sports and dont believe in second chances, rehabilitation or reform.Thats simply not the case. The issue with Chapmans moves to both the Yankees and the Cubs isnt just the unsavory opportunism; its that, as Spain and others have noted, hes shown little contrition in the months since the October incident.Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts and general manager Theo Epstein should receive some credit for using the words domestic violence rather than glossing over Chapmans case as a simple mistake (Im looking at you, Sandy Alderson). But both of them also emphasized that the organization takes players character very seriously, and weve no indication that Chapmans character has actually improved. He hasnt spoken out about domestic violence education, and has repeatedly dismissed the October incident as nothing. On Tuesday, he did tell ESPNs Pedro Gomez in Spanish that he has grown tremendously since that time after a rather confusing news conference with English-speaking Chicago media.We have about as much clarity on Chapmans personal growth as we do on just how to feel as fans every time he steps onto a pitchers mound. I know precisely what many Cubs fans are feeling today, having felt it for the past few months. Even if, as a Yankees fan, Im relieved to see Chapman gone, there will be a gnawing in my mind should Torres turn into the pro phenom hes slated to become, if the pieces that help build another Yankees dynasty were acquired through a cynically shrewd trade of a player who might not have deserved to be in the Bronx in the first place.I suppose Ill confront that reality if and when it comes to fruition. For now, at least I have my ninth innings back. Bert Blyleven Jersey . -- Team after team passed on Andre Ellington in the draft. Twins Jerseys From China . -- Bobby Ryan helped the U. http://www.twinsjerseyscheap.com/?tag=harmon-killebrew-jersey .Y. - New York City has been selected to host the NBA All-Star weekend in 2015, with the game played at Madison Square Garden and the slam dunk contest and other skills events held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Zach Duke Jersey . -- Quarterback Will Finch threw for 252 yards and three touchdowns, and Yannick Harou rushed in two scores as the No. Womens Twins Jerseys . After a replay, the winner will meet Sunderland in the quarterfinals. Sagbo did well to control Sone Alukos right cross and fire past Brighton goalkeeper Peter Brezovan. Aluko was making his first start in four months after recovering from an Achilles injury. CHASKA, Minn. -- Here is a good lesson from the first day of the Ryder Cup for American golf fans, especially those who are desperate to see the United States recapture the trophy after such a long and miserable drought:Boisterous support of your countrymen is helpful, but if you decide to poke the bear, you might not like what happens next.The bear, in this case, is Rory McIlroy, a man who is, among other things: a four-time major winner, a three-time Ryder Cup winner, the current FedEx Cup champion, and a club-twirling, par-5 slaying, living embodiment of golf adrenaline.For most of McIlroys career, American galleries have happily embraced him. He might have grown up in Northern Ireland, but his ties to the United States obviously run deep. He grew up idolizing Tiger Woods; he won his first major in America; he moved to Florida and made it his full-time residence; he plays the American style of golf (hit the ball high and hit it long); and his fiancée, Erica Stoll, is an American.The Ryder Cup, however, is the one time (every two years) when Americans are happy to root against McIlroy, and, because hes arguably the worlds most talented player, he tends to be a lightning rod for hecklers.It does not seem to have the intended effect. You can make a pretty compelling case, in fact, that heckling him backfired badly on Friday.It started right out of the gate during Friday mornings alternate shot pairings, but it didnt build to a boil until late in the match. Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler were just about to close out McIlroy and Andy Sullivan, a win that felt like a minor upset at the time. Despite being down for most of the match, and despite Mickelsons erratic driving, Fowler and Mickelson scraped together enough birdies on the back nine to grab a 1-up lead going into 18. All the United States had to do to close out an improbable 4-0 start was dodge one more birdie putt from McIlroy.McIlroy had a good look at a 20-footer without too much break, and if he made it, it would halve the match (giving both teams half a point) and prevent Europe from being shut out in foursomes for the first time since 1975. He read the break, took a few gentle practice strokes, and thousands of fans looked on in anticipation. Hazeltine National was deathly quiet, right up until McIlroy was about to bring the putter back. Then some boorish patron broke the spell, bellowing from afar that McIlroy should let an American putt that.McIlroy was visibly annoyed, his face twisting into a scowl. He stepped away, went through his routine one more time, then hit a putt he quickly realized had no chance of going in. In disgust, he flipped his putter in the air, caught it, quickly shook hands with Mickelson and Fowler, then exited the green muttering under his breath.Its hostile out there, McIlroy said later. Its definitely a little more hostile than Medinah.The McIlroy who re-emerged for afternoon four-balls seemed like he was determined to execute two things:1. To will Europe back into contention with a driver that sounds like a shoulder-mounted cannon whenever he takes a rip at the ball.2. To feed off every snippet of negative energy directed his way.He managed to accomplish both, and its a big reason -- maybe even the main reason -- why Team Europe suddenly feels like it has all the momentum going into Saturday. McIlroy made three birdies in the first five holes of his afternoon four-ball match against Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar, and he and Thomas Pieters jumped out to a 4-up lead through seven. American fans needled him, yelling for his ball to get in tthe water every time he took on a hazard, and he responded with fist pumps and icy glares toward the gallery that would have made Seve Ballesteros giddy.ddddddddddddMost of the people out there are respectful and just cheering hard for the U.S. team, McIlroy said. Thats totally acceptable and thats exactly what happens in Europe. But still, its a hostile environment that the people dont want you to hole a putt. They dont want you to hit a good shot. I think when you do hole a putt or hit a good shot, it just makes it that much more satisfying.As entertaining as the first 15 holes were, the exclamation point that McIlroy deployed to end the match on the 16th is something we might talk about for years to come. First he nuked a drive 346 yards on the 572-yard par-5 that left him in the middle of the fairway with a 4-iron in his hands. Then he hit a towering but gentle draw to the middle of the green that left him 18 feet above the hole. After the ball left his clubface on his approach shot, he executed an epic club twirl that would rival almost any twirl Woods unleashed at the height of his powers.McIlroy wasnt done yet. He sized up his eagle, got it started on the right line, and right after it trickled into the cup (winning the hole and ending the match), he screamed and pumped his fist, then bowed twice to the American crowd before bear-hugging Pieters. It was yet another reminder that when McIlroy is dialed in, he remains (post-Woods) the greatest show in golf.Even before I hit that putt, I wanted to put an exclamation point on that session for us, McIlroy said. I honestly thought about that celebration before I hit the putt. Its a hostile environment out there, and I just want everyone to know how much this means to us. Were not going down without a fight.McIlroy was so energized by the walk-off eagle, it looked like he blew past Dustin Johnsons caddie (and brother) Austin Johnson without shaking his hand, even though Austin was lining up for the traditional postmatch handshake, a gesture that clearly annoyed a few American players who were following the match. When asked about it afterward, McIlroy seemed surprised. He insisted it was totally unintentional, and he was planning to call Austin to apologize and clear up any confusion.Not at all, McIlroy said when asked if it was a purposeful slight. I get on really well with AJ and DJ and all the Johnson family. I have to go and apologize to them. I sort of got caught up in the moment. AJ, I would classify him as a good buddy of mine on tour, along with DJ. That definitely wasnt my intention at all, and Ill send him a text or go and find him in the hotel to apologize to him.U.S. captain Davis Love III didnt seem to mind McIlroys theatrics. In fact, he couldnt help but marvel at them, even if they came at the expense of his team. I think thats whats so much fun about the Ryder Cup, Love said. I mean, Im not going to get Rory to not celebrate when he plays well, and Im not going to get Patrick Reed to not celebrate when he plays well. Patricks running around shushing people. Were having fun.McIlroy didnt seem to care when asked if he was worried at all that his dramatic double bow might potentially motivate either the American fans or the American players. In fact, he responded with one of the cockiest -- and best -- quotes of his career.No, no worries at all on my part, McIlroy said. I bowed to them and said Youre welcome for the show. And we move on. 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